ED Investment focuses on providing complete consulting services for private clients, corporate and institutional clients. Our services are based on partnership and individual approach to each client. We comprehensively analyze needs and problems of our clients, which combined with great professionalism in modern management guarantees a long-term success.

The experience of our shareholders provides us knowledge and values which we are obligated to respect and on which our clients can rely on. We are experts in what we do and we know where the priorities lie. The success of our client is also our success and motivates us to continue to work even more effectively.  

High efficiency level of our work performance results from a great experience, which base is established by finalized projects and many years of practice.

Board of Directors

Our track record – selected completed project or transactions

2001 -market analyzing and consulting in clients acquisitions for Algotythmics headquartered in Toronto, Canada, market-leader in risk analyzing systems for banks and financial institutions

2002 – advisory in gaining technological partners in Poland for  Sungard, the world’s largest business intelligence systems and analysis of investment risk and decision support for banks and financial institutions

2003 – establishing and supporting beginning representative operational activities  Infoscore AG, with headquarters in Baden Baden, Germany, in the field of gaining and managing economic information and business intelligence economics

2004 – advisory and operational support in software and services sale EMAX S.A. , with headquarters in Poznań

2005 – introducing to the market and consulting operational activities in Poland for Altor Group GmbH&KG ,with headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, in the branch of credibility management

2006-2008 strategic consulting for Kaczmarski Altor Asset Management Sp. z o.o. , with headquarters in Wrocław, support in creating a securitization fund, organization structure coordination and operational activities in gaining portfolio investment, their valuation and financial models

2006 – present, investment in Energo Eko I project, construction of a municipal waste incineration plant (ZTPO)

2007 – gaining a strategic financial investor for  EnergoEko I project , Foksal NFI S.A. fund (present Zenreris NFI S.A.)

2008 – gaining a strategic investor for a construction project for Autocentrum Autoklimat Sp. z o.o., with headquarters in Tychy, Koch Automobile A.G. investment group, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany

2009 – present, Company establishment and advice in running for Concreate Sp. z o.o., architectural concrete producer, with headquarters in Kraków

2009 – gaining a financial investor for BBC Sp. z o.o.Rubicon Partners NFI S.A fund

20092011: investment, Company establishment and advice in running Spectraling Sp. z o.o., with headquarters in Kraków, translating agency which specializes in multilingual information management for large enterprises.

2011 – 2012: development of investments: merger of the Warsaw translation agency Busy B Translations Sp. z o.o. and Spectraling Sp. z o.o. leading to the establishment of the joint stock company Summa Linguae S.A., listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
2012 – until now: investment in the Getinfo S.A. company providing services in the field of obtaining economic information and debt collection