EnergoEko I S.A. is a company, which goal is to build an installation for a low-temperature, dry distillation for municipal and industrial wastes. The project is at a pre-investment stage, the planned investment is distinguished by technical and technological innovation in applied solutions. The solution is a unique combination of two well known technologies – degassing (dry distillation) municipal wastes and electricity and heat production by burning gas which is created during the technological process. Energy obtained this way will be used for the plants own needs, and its surplus will be sold to the companies trading electricity, and the heat resulting from the production process will be sold to the final consumer. The installed electrical power is approximately 6 MW, which will make this investment one of the largest installations in the field of alternative energy, constructed regardless from power engineering.

From March 2006 ED Investment is a shareholder in “ENERGO EKO I – construction of a waste to energy plant on the basis of cogeneration in Jastrzębie Zdrój” project. The project fulfills the formalities required by law, license, permits, and also gained financing from the EU funding (40 mln PLN). Due to the advancement of the project, ENERGO ECO I is currently the only construction Project of waste installation, holding a valid building permit.


Date of investment: March 2007 r.